Author: Jan Nasser


Get your Stratocaster guitar to sound and play the way that you really dreamt it should do. This book gives you all of the knowledge and skills to enable you to squeeze the most out of your treasured instrument. Why put up with a lack lustre sound when you can learn how to setup action, pickups, tremolo and intonation so that your guitar really sings out and grabs the attention you deserve. Not only will your Stratocaster sound fantastic it will also be a joy to play. Tuning problems can be a nightmare on any guitar, but with the Stratocaster tremolo system as well, you need to spend time making sure that all of the mechanical parts work together well. The book includes an extensive chapter on identifying and solving tuning problems. Likewise pickups on Stratocasters can be notoriously temperamental but a real joy when they are setup correctly. Once you start a full setup on a guitar it is important to do things in the right order. This version 2 of Stratocaster setup therefore has a natural flow through it allowing you to do things in the right order. It also includes many more images and lots of information to help in the setup of your guitar. Contents Introduction Tuning your guitar How to set up a guitar that stays in tune Setting the action Adjusting Fender neck tilt Stratocaster pickup heights Floating the tremolo Truss rods Guitar intonation Keeping guitar strings clean Dealing with noisy electronic components Cleaning the Guitar Conclusion

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