Just a heads up that we have been experiencing some pretty hectic storms and subsequent power outages, so, our usual fast dispatch and email response times may be a little slower than standard this week.  We are currently getting smashed by the southern edge of the North/Central Qld cyclone – 200-300mm of rain and strong winds.  The GME workshop is holding up (we’re luckily high on a hill), all of the stock is up on racks and we have the air-con and dehumidifiers working round the clock to keep the stock dry and safe.  All going well, we’ll get all of todays orders sent with tomorrows dispatch, so, should only be a day behind….  Tonewood and CNC orders will be a few extra days.

Hi there - We are away teaching workshops and carrying out website maintenance so the store will be closed for the next week. We will reopen on Wednesday Jun 21. You will still be able to make orders, but be will not ship until the store re-opens. Thank you. Dismiss