Custom Shop

repairs_photoAs well as operating GME, Anthony is an experienced professional luthier and instrument repairer/builder.  The GME custom shop offers a full compliment of services ranging from instrument repairs and servicing through to custom instrument design and construction.   We also offer a valuation service for vintage instruments, as well as conduct warranty repairs for various international guitar brands.

GME also has an in house computer numeric controlled router (CNC) which can be used for custom work and templates.

Below is a list of general services as well as some indicative pricing:

  • Headstock Shaping (for kits/blank necks) – $30 (when purchased with a kit)
  • Fret work
  • Finishing – ranges from $150 for 30% clear nitrocellulose
  • Pre Wiring (full or partial) – LP’s from $49, strats/tele’s from $29 (for kit customers)
  • Set Ups (inc intonation correction) – $80
  • Pickup installations (electric and/or acoustic) – Electric $50, Acoustic $110
  • Kit assembly guidance (via phone or Skype/Facetime) – free for customers/non customers $50/hour (min 1 hour)

Feel free to contact our workshop for further information and pricing – 07 54942215.