Basic Electric Cigar Box Guitar – DIY Kit & Pack

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This is a basic, entry level package for those wishing to experience an introduction into slide/cigar box style guitar.

Learning to play the Blues Box Guitar is easy and entertaining with simple instructions. The book contains a history of the cigar box guitar and information about the Blues Box Guitar, you can increase your blues-playing confidence with the audio CD, which will inspire you to become the next Blues Box Guitar sensation.

The instrument will require basic assembly.


Blues Box Guitar Book – Featuring clear, informative instructions about how to easily assemble and play your Blues Box Guitar including strumming, picking and slide techniques.

Electric Blues Box Guitar Kit – Especially created to be used with the book, this kit contains all the parts you need to easily create your high-quality Blues Box Guitar, plus fret markings and dots to help you with slide and chord position.  The instrument can be assembled with only basic knowledge and does not require any specialised skills.

Blues Box Guitar CD – This comprehensive 31 minute CD contains a tuning track, a blues scale, companion exercise tracks, play-along music, and a complete track with a backing band.

Glass Slide

Blues Box Guitar is fitted with a transducer pickup.

Neck is made from a composite material and the box is plastic/paper covered.  It has geared machine heads




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