Guitar Body Blank – 1 piece Queensland Paulownia 1/4 sawn – #PL11

$99.00 Inc GST

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  • 535 x 355 x 44 – single piece
  • Size will comfortably do a strat/tele size, if you wish to a bass or larger design, let us know
  • This is a batch 6 blanks (virtually identical) from the same trunk, so, the listing picture is of a random piece selected of the racks, the piece you receive may not be exactly as pictured – As always if you wish to see the actual piece, feel free to contact us and we can email or txt you a pic.


Australian Paulownia is descended from native Asia and is now an Australian Plantation timber, grown in four states. Paulownia is light in weight and pale blonde in colour with it’s own character grain but approximately the same strength as Cedar. It is very light and can be painted or stained to resemble any timber. It is easily limed and when painted does not experience oily seepage.
Because paulownia resembles Western Red Cedar in weight and strength it is increasingly being used in the marine and musical instrument industry.
Recent tests have proven that our Australian Grown paulownia extremely stable and termite resistant.
The timber is gathering rave reviews world wide. Most importantly, rainforests are not being ravaged to harvest Australian Grown paulownia.

The grain is cosmetically similar to American SWAMP ASH but does not have the density or weight associated with ash – it is nice and light and has strong tonal characteristics (it rings loud!).  We also stock the imported Paulownia (asia), but, consider the Australian option to be far superior as a tonewood – these blanks are also 1 piece and quartesawn.