Cigar Box Guitar Kit – 4 String Fretted – Electric/Acoustic – New Design CBGK#444

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Guitar Makers Emporium – Cigar Box Guitar Department is now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

We can supply everything you need to complete your project.  We have Boxes, Necks, Pickups, Hardware/Parts, Finishes, books and every part you need to make your own cigar box guitar.

CBGK#444 – Our CBG kits have been taking Australia by storm….  We’ve been unable to keep up with demand since their launch late 2016 with everyone from hobbyist to professionals having a great time building our kits.

This kit contains the following:

  • Genuine Cuban wood box 200 x 150 x 74 – Specific Brand may differ
  • Qld Maple Neck
  • 560mm scale length
  • Thru Neck has been notched to fit the box and the machine heads
  • Prefretted with brass frets
  • Sealed/Geared Machine heads – including bushings, washers and screws
  • Chrome Trem/Bridge with adjustable saddles
  • Internal neck blocks
  • Transducer/Bug Pickup – pre-wired
  • Output jack
  • Nickel wound strings
  • Screws for assembly

The new design improvements are as follows:

  • Pre-fretted neck (no more needing to glue a separate fingerboard to the neck)
  • Pre-wired Piezo pickup (no wiring or soldering required)
  • 2.2mm Brass frets
  • Fully Adjustable “hardtail” bridge

We can customise and add parts to this kit to allow you to make you dream Cigar Box Guitar.  Please contact us with a list of parts that you require and we’ll reply with a quote and availability.  We are happy to combine postage and do the best deal for you – the more you get/the better the deal.

This kit includes step by step instructions (no pics), and, we can supply you with additional generalised reference material (at no charge) that will assist as well as phone support if required.

The specific branding on the Cigar Box may differ slightly from pics.

We can upgrade this kit to include a rails style magnetic pickup for an additional $19.99, but, please note that this style of pickup requires some structural installation.

We reserve the right to make minor alterations to the specific parts listed due to availability.

If you need assistance with the assembly of this kit (ie. prefitting the mounting blocks, glueing the fingerboard and/or drilling the tuner holes) we can do this for a nominal charge.

Feel free to email: or Call: 0487 204 865

Happy Building 🙂  Anthony and the GME team.

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Dimensions 72 x 50 x 7 cm