DIY Guitar Kits

Our DIY Guitar Kits contain all the components needed to complete your very own electric guitar. Customise your artwork, experiment with an original finish or hot up the componetry to make your guitar the custom beast that you’ve always dreamt of – without the price tag…….. Only basic skills and tools are required to assemble and finish these kits. All of the GME DIY Guitar Kits have been machined to clear finish grade, therefore can be clear-coated, stained, or painted. The raw wood components will require final sanding dependent on your choice of finish.

If you see any item that is ‘Out of Stock’ and you are interested, please contact us for back orders as we will be restocked mid to end of May.

  • Ukelele Kits

    Ukelele Kits (1)

  • Bass Guitar Kits

    Bass Guitar Kits (2)

    We have a great range of DIY Bass Guitar Kits. Whether you would like a J-Bass, P-Bass or Music Man Style, we have one for you. You can even upgrade your componentry by purchasing an upgraded version.
  • Luthier Kits

    Luthier Kits (4)

    We'll have a more Luthier kits later in the year - ETA is July 2017...