International Shipping

Guitar Makers emporium regularly processes orders for our DIY kits from all over the world.  We can ship to most countries and use Australia Post/EMS, so you can feel safe knowing that we only ship with a reputable organisation.  We are extremely proud to have never had any issues (or damage) with any of our previous international orders, since the beginning of this service in 2007.

We currently offer two shipping options for most countries.  The first is budget/Sea option which is good if you are not in a hurry and dont require tracking (generally takes 10-12 weeks), however, the most popular and recommended method is Air/Express, which, will ensure the parcel arrives to most countries within 3-10 business days and has detailed tracking and insurance.

See below for some shipping quotes for several select countries for our DIY guitar kits.  If you would like a kit shipped to a country that is not listed here, or wish to order a product that is not a DIY kit, please contact us for a quote.

  • New Zealand – $69 (Air Express only)
  • United States – Budget/Sea $69, Air Express $99
  • Canada – Budget/Sea $69, Air Express $99
  • United Kingdom – Budget/Sea $89, Air Express $129
  • Germany – Budget/Sea $89, Air Express $129
  • France – Budget/Sea $89, Air Express $129
  • Italy – Budget/Sea $89, Air Express $129
  • Korea – Budget/Sea $69, Air Express $99
  • UAE – Budget/Sea $110, Air Express $149

Estimated delivery times are as follows:

  • Air Express – 3-10 Business days to most countries with full tracking and insurance
  • Budget/Sea – 10 to 12 weeks to most countries with no tracking or insurance


All prices are quoted in $AUD and are subject to change.  Some countries may require you to pay an import tax, duty or customs fee – we cannot be held liable for this, so, please check first.  We have found that the majority of our customers receive these kits without any additional costs, however, it’s best to budget for it (if in your country’s customs legislation), that way, you are not unpleasantly surprised…..  Also, the timeframe given is subject to change as we have no control over customs departments (ours or yours), but, in most cases they are totally fine and arrive within the stipulated timeframe.