Feel free to view and/or download any of the below Instructions, Wiring Diagrams or Templates if you need help with building your ‘GME DIY Guitar Kit’.  We have gone to the effort of producing these instructions for the intended use of GME customers, so, please be respectful of this.

We have written 5 PDF booklets which cover most of our range of guitar kits.  They are intended to assist as a general informational walkthrough the process of constructing a guitar (kit) and although some of the specific diagrams and pics may not be the same as your exact model, the process/assembly will be the same.  We have supplied specific wiring diagrams for each model.

With regard to finishing your guitar, there are many different ways to complete this and the method you choose will depend on your skill level, experience and desired finish.  We sell and recommend (and use) the Ubeaut range of dyes, polishes and clear coats.  We find these to be excellent, easy to apply, inexpensive products made in Australia.  Unlike using poly, nitro or acrylic lacquers the ubeaut hard shellac is applied by hand and is much more forgiving – this is a big reason why it has been so popular and successful with the DIY kit market.  We also include in each PDF instructions book, a simple guide to using acrylic spray (aerosol) easily available from auto shops and hardware stores.  As with kits in general, wood/guitar finishing is a subject that has thousands of you tube clips and web info, so, spend some time and do your own research.

We are continuing to add more instructions and wiring diagrams all the time as well as videos to help guide you through the process.  If you cant find specific info for your project, we’d suggest conducting your own google and/or youtube search (there are thousands of folks who have building these kits and many have posted their own instructions and info). If you are still confused and require further help with any of our products, feel free to email us or call (07) 5494 2215 (during business hours Mon – Fri).

GME Guitar Kit Instruction Booklets


Wiring Diagrams PDF

Cigar Box Guitar Information Resourses


Wiring Diagrams, Part & Headstock Outlines and Some other useful stuff….