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Is GME a real business?

YES! We are not just a part-time online/eBay seller operating out of a bedroom that is on-selling random products. We live, breath and eat guitars (well, we dont actually eat them…..). Anthony (owner/operator) is a professional luthier who builds and services guitars for many of Australia’s premier musicians and brands.

Does GME have a shop front?

No, GME is not open to the public.  We do not have the insurance to do so.

What is the Wilkinson brand?
The Wilkinson range of hardware and pickups are designed by Trevor Wilkinson – a genius based in the UK. His products have since been licensed and manufactured all over the world. We sell both the Licensed Chinese made as well as the Korean made (referred to as Genuine). We DO NOT sell copies or Chinese rip offs.
Are you available to answer questions?
Yes, Anthony is available during business hours to assist and/or answer any questions that you may have.
Do you have warranty?

Yes!  We are not in the business of selling faulty items, and although it impossible for us to offer a warranty on every product (e.g. wood), if you ever feel that there is an issue with the product that you ordered, we will ensure to resolve it.

How long have you guys been around?

Anthony has been operating as a professional guitar technician (qualified luthier) for 15 years and GME has been online since 2010.  At that time we were the only company in Australia offering DIY Guitar Kits.  We have always been a full-time business and will be for many years in the future.

Do you make Guitar Parts and Kits?

Yes!  We have an in house CNC router that enables us to accurately produce parts in house.  However, much of our stock (mainly kits) are imported in order to remain competitive with the marketplace.

Do you supply schools?

Yes! we regularly supply Tech studies departments in schools throughout the country.

Can i get a student/education discount?

Yep, let s know about your project/assignment and we’ll do you up an education package.

There are other folks selling similar products to you on eBay, are you affiliated?

We produce and wholesale parts and general guitar stuff to several other companies in Australia who sell online.  Although many of these folks are friends/collegues, they are not directly part of our business.  GME is a standalone business.

Do you Wholesale?

Yes!  We wholesale to many business’s throughout the country.  Contact us for MOQ’s (min order quantities) and pricing.

I want to learn about guitar making, can you help?

We are passionate about helping as many folks discover the joy of guitar making and while we don’t yet have a course or apprenticeships available, we’d be happy to recommend courses, books and /or general info to get you going.  Honestly, a great way to learn is by doing, and building a kit is a great way to fast track your learning – i wish kits were around in my day…..

What is the best Pickup in the world?

This is a surprisingly common question and impossible for me to honestly answer – like many things it is completely subjective and depends on your preference and style.

Do you think Wilkinson pickups and Hardware is the best?

While we are proud to be a distributor for Wilkinson hardware and Parts, we are aware that there are thousands of pickup and hardware producers out there making “better” and more expensive parts. We honestly believe the Wilkinson range to represent excellent bang for your buck and is superior to anything else that we have heard/seen/used in this price point.

I require an item that i can’t find on your website?

Please let us know – we stock many items that are not listed online, so, we might have exactly what you’re looking for….

I want and item that is “Out of Stock”.

Please let us know, we might have it or something similar in stock that we can help you with.  Use our Live Chat option to find out straight away.

Does you have screws, springs and other sundry guitar parts?

Yes, we are a functioning workshop, so, we have a large number of sundry parts – many of which don’t make the website.

Can you supply Fender or Gibson decals?

No! This would be illegal and we do not support customers building fake, branded instruments to unsuspecting buyers…  Fender and Gibson are registered trademarks – we would encourage you to build your own custom made guitar.


Are All of your Kits Imported?

As well as the common imported kits, GME also proudly sells Australian made kits.

Do You Kits Work?

Absolutely YES! Even our cheapest kit will intonate correctly and play well. We will not risk Anthony’s reputation as a high end luthier on sub-par products, regardless of price. Many of our customers play our kits on stage professionally.

Do You Have instructions?

YES! We have step by step instructions available for our most common kits (Strat, tele, LP’s) as well as wiring diagrams (for every model) and more general info available in our “instructions” page on the GME website.

Do I have any support?

Yes!  Anthony is available during business hours via instant chat, email or phone.  We also have an instructions page and the option for a Skype session.

I’m a beginner, what kits are the easiest to build?

If you’ve never built a guitar kit or had limited experience with technical work, the “bolt on” models are the best to stick with.  These entire projects are bolted together (no glue) and most of the components are pre-drilled.

What is the difference between a “Bolt on” and “set neck” kit?

Its all in the neck join – the most important structural element on an electric guitar.  The “set neck” models require glueing and clamping where as the “bolt on” is simply bolted into position with 4 x screws/bolts.  Most of our bolt on kits have been pre-drilled to make this stage virtually impossible to stuff up.  In saying this, our set neck models have had the heel/neck pocket cnc machined, so, they very rarely require any tweaking straight from the box – we alway recommend a dry fit before applying glue however….

Are GME kits the same as others sellers on eBay?

Some of our standard, imported kits are sourced from the same overseas supplier, however, GME is the only company in Australia that is owned and run by an actual professional guitar maker (luthier), we check every guitar kit prior to dispatch (regardless of price point) and we stand by every model.  We also have Pro, Acoustic, Ukulele and Australian made kits and supply tone wood and luthier supplies to many of the countries most respected, high end luthiers.

Do your kits require soldering?

Yes, it is impossible for us to completely pre wire your guitar as you need to remove all of the components in order to paint/finish.  Contact us to enquire about options for solder less connections.

Are any of your kits “prewired”?

Some of them are while others are not e.g. the strat kits are partially wired, but, you will still need to connect the output jack and earth wire while the arch top models require you to complete all of the wiring.

Do you have spare parts?

Yes!  We stock spare parts for all of our kits.

Can i change the colour of hardware?

Yes, we stock hardware in Chrome, Gold and Black for most models.

Do you have scratch plate options?

Yes, we have replacement scratch plates in many colours and designs.

Can you wire my guitar for me?

In some cases, Yes!  Contact us for options and pricing.

Most kits have blank headstocks, can you shape them?

Sure,  we shape headstock for customers everyday?  We can either use the traditional Fender/Gibson templates (from $22) or we can shape your custom design.

What brand of pickup and hardware do your kits come with?

All of our standard kits contain “OEM” parts and hardware – all of it is unbranded/generic.

What is a “Pro Kit”?

Many of our customers are professional technicians and/or players and we wanted to offer a line of kits for them.  Better grade wood components and upgraded Wilkinson pickups, machine heads and general componenetry (including electronics).  We have customers playing our pro kits on stages around the world.  GME is the only company to offer “pro kits”.

Can i build your kits and sell them?

Absolutely!  We have many customers who make a great sideline income from building and selling our kits.  There are even pro luthiers who customise our kits for their high end clients.


Where does your tone wood come from?

Our Australian wood comes from several places, but, it is mainly milled and supplied by David Kirby – the same supplier as Maton and Cole Clarke (Australia’s largest producers of guitars – approx 10000 guitars per year).

Do you also import wood?

Yep,  we also import wood from the USA, Vietnam, China and Canada.  Given the current state of the AUD$ we are focussing more on Aussie tone woods.

Is your wood dry?

Yes, we keep our wood inside our workshop which is temperature and humid controlled .

What is the Moisture content of your wood?

It depend on many variables – time of year, species, size of billet/piece, the weather outside – on average around 15%….

Are your pics of the exact product that I'm going to receive?

In most cases, yes.  However, each listing will note in the description whether its the actual item pictured or not.

My wood product was not perfectly Flat when it arrived?

Wood is a natural product and although we make every effort to ensure its stability, we can never guarantee that a piece of wood is not going to have some movement during transit – especially when travelling to contrasting climate and humidity zones.  In most cases, if you clamp the piece to a flat surface and allow it to climatize, any cupping/movements can be resolved.

Are the wood dimensions given on the listing exact?

We’ll generally give minimum dimensions, however, when it comes to thickness, we try to be as accurate as possible.  If you an item to be the exact size listed, please make a note in the checkout, so that we can check this for you prior to dispatch.


Do you post via Australia Post?

Most of our items are dispatched via the Australia Post eparcel system – our account allows us to have control of the item from packing through to tracking.  We also use Fastway couriers for large and/or local items.  If you ever have a preference, please let us know.

What happens if my item has not arrived within the estimated time given on eBay?

The delivery time given on eBay is an estimate only, however, if you require an item by a specific date (e.g..  for a present), please contact us and we’ll suggest the best method to ensure that happens.

Do you products all get sent via Express Post?

No,  all of our items are listed with standard post, so, if you see an item on our store that advertises express, please let us know.

Can you post via Express Post?

Yes, absolutely.  Please contact us so that we can provide a quote.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship items all over the world.  Please contact us for specific international shipping quotes.

How long would it take a kit to arrive in the USA?

If you choose International Express Post 3-10 days, or, if you choose the budget shipping via Sea it can take upto 3 months – we highly recommend choosing express international post.  Contact us for quotes.

Can you post to New Zealand?

Yep, shipping to NZ via Australia Post is not overly expensive and is something that we do all the time – contact us for a quote.

Will i have to pay Customs Duty or additional fees on an international purchase?

That depends on your specific country’s customs policy.  We have no control over this and cannot be held liable for any additional charges.

Will i need to sign for my kit when it arrives?

In most cases yes, however, it depends on your location and the services that Australia Post offers in that area.  All Fastway deliveries will require a signature on delivery.