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Neil’s Story

I was looking for a new guitar and couldn’t find the one that I wanted or afford. So I chose to try and build one myself. Having never built a kit before I decided to do some research and eventually chose Guitar Makers Emporium based on their e-bay site and Anthony’s own site. He had what I wanted, at the right price and,  I felt that I could trust him enough to continue.  I arranged to pick up the kit from him at his workshop and Anthony was very helpful and passed on some valuable tips on how to prepare and eventually build the guitar, something I needed as a nervous newcomer.

It took me about 2 months of building the guitar in my garage. I had to learn patience as I waited for glue to dry, wood dyes to cure and getting all the measurement exact and focusing on how I wanted it to look. It was one of the hardest things I learned about the whole process. Along the way I continued to seek advice and tips from the web and Anthony who was only too willing to answer any e-mailed questions I had.
The easiest, and most enjoyable I would say, was  the whole journey in-between. It has taught me new skills in guitar making and a belief in my own abilities. I was able to create my own unique guitar, one that I can proudly show off as one I made!!

I don’t think I would do anything differently next time as each guitar build is a new and exciting journey and an opportunity to keep on learning. My next project is one of the Resonator Guitars from GME which I have already sanded and started to prepare for staining.

I hope you enjoy your guitar kit as much as I have.