Since 2009 our Fender Style Guitar kits have been rocked by some of the countries finest (and famous) players and technicians, now’s you chance to grab one for yourself and see why more pro’s shop at GME….  Everyone of our kits is checked over by a qualified luthier prior to dispatch.  We go over the frets (level, crown and polish), engage the truss rod and ensure neck straightness, check the heel/pocket join and do an overall structural and cosmetic checkover.  Dont risk spending good money on a crappy guitar kit that wont hold tune or intonate, go with Australia’s longest running supplier of Guitar Kits and parts, and be confident that at the end of your project, you’ll have a proper guitar that looks, sounds and feels awesome!

Hi there - We are away teaching workshops and carrying out website maintenance so the store will be closed for the next week. We will reopen on Wednesday Jun 21. You will still be able to make orders, but be will not ship until the store re-opens. Thank you. Dismiss